Project Breakdown
Snap LDN
Dublin, Ireland
To capture dynamic and dramatic shots of Conor McGregor for two separate campaigns. Each campaign had a different look, with the primary look being a dark and moody one, seen here.

Our lighting plan that was developed for our Glasgow shoot played an important part in the set up of the Connor McGregor shoot.

Even though we were in a smaller space, it served as a necessary guide to maintain a similar visual feel.

As Conor was part of a bigger shoot, our lighting plan was a general rule that we would adapt depending on the location we had to shoot in.

Image Breakdown

Keeping with the overall theme of the dark and moody look, the subject was removed from the background background and graded to accentuate the gritty look.

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    Behind the Scenes

    This shoot was done at the Croke Park, the home of Gaelic Football. We new Conor wouldn't have much time, particularly as he also had a TVC to shoot during his alloted time.

    In the end, we had just 7:22sec from the first frame to the last to capture what we needed with him, including the second lighting set up.

    Planning and preparation are key in these situations, so having time to set up and test is critical.

    Photography Crew

    Thanks to Ian and Adrian for making the shoot on set go smoothly, Laurence back at base looking after logistics and agency stills producer, Harriet Lea

    Adrian also shot the behind the scenes images.

    Ian Alderman, Digitech, Lighting & Logistics

    Adrian Wojtas, Lighting & BHS